pH7 office - open, relaxed + collaborative

Established in 2006, pH7 is a complete commercial architecture firm.  As a group of architects, designers, and business people, we take a balanced and creative approach to every aspect of every job for every one of our clients. We provide a wide range of solutions to a continually growing variety of smart organizations from various industries -- ranging from senior living to student housing, hospitality to healthcare, and from mixed-use communities to boutique retail shops.

pH7 is a relaxed, “loose-tight” organization.  Loose meaning flexible, casual, creative and approachable.  Tight as in professional, trusting, detail-oriented, highly skilled and organized.



By balancing these two factors we have created a culture that supports collaboration and teamwork, while encouraging associates to grow and take initiative.

For our clients, this translates into personal service and decision-making at the project team level.  Our project teams respond quickly and decisively, while Principals remain actively engaged in day-day project activity. We enjoy architecture and the many challenges our clients bring to us and view each project as an opportunity to lead and learn.

Throughout pH7 there is a visible sense of pride in what we do, as well as a sense of humor and camaraderie.  We genuinely love what we do.

The Buggyworks 448 W Nationwide Blvd

The Buggyworks 448 W Nationwide Blvd

                    7 "Rules of Thumb"

Trust - Architecture is a people business.  We maintain strong relationships with our clients and business partners.  We are known as reliable, honest, open, sincere and very easy to work with.

Integrity – Always do the right thing.  We will operate with the highest level of integrity and always do the right thing, no matter how the outcome may affect us.  We will stand behind our service and quickly bring any problems to resolution.

Creativity – We celebrate the design process. Design is what we do.  It is the possibilities. We take responsibility and leadership in guiding the design process.   Design is not simply the creative beginning, but the entire process – from the first client meeting to project completion.  Everyone in every role is part of the design process.

Quality – Quality is an attitude.  Quality is about caring and taking personal pride in everything we do.   Quality is in the details.  Everyone is an ambassador for quality and commits to take a stand against anyone or anything that threatens our ability to deliver a quality product and service to our clients.


Profitability – Profit is vital to sustain our success.  We endeavor to run a profitable business.  This income allows us to grow and become a better firm, provide for our families, and give something back to our community. However, our motivation to make a profit must never outweigh our promise to serve our clients.

Diversity - We cannot be one-dimensional.  We will be business partners.  We will apply expertise to responsive service.  We will invest in our people.  We will instill a business sense in our people.  We will judge ourselves by how well we help our clients be successful.  We will apply our expertise and bring a higher value than our competition.   We will invest in the development of our staff, in both technical and personal skills, as defined by the needs of the business and the role of the individual or team.

Having Fun – Work and family must be in balance.  Architecture is a life’s work and requires a great deal of dedication.  We will work hard but also smart, not only for our clients but also for ourselves, and in doing so, leave time for our families and life’s other opportunities.  This requires everyone in the firm to pull together and recognize that we are strong individuals, but even stronger as a team.

Volunteering at Habitat Re-Store.  

Volunteering at Habitat Re-Store.